Icebreaker Tasks

Breaking the Ice

Icebreakers are a fun and subtle way to help mentors get to know their mentees and vice-versa. They remove the potential awkwardness of a first session and promote a positive relationship between mentor and mentee. Below are some examples of ice-breakers that can be done in pairs and in groups, depending on the type of session.

Icebreakers for Pairs

Two Truths One Lie

Each player decides on two truths and one lie to tell about themselves. The other player has to guess which is the lie. Rounds are unlimited.

Would You Rather

Players take it in turn to propose a choice of two options of things a player can do. Both players pick their favourite option each time. Rounds are unlimited.

Example Rounds:

  • Would you rather ride an elephant or a camel?
  • Would you rather not be able to eat or not be able to drink for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather go to the Moon or Mars?

Who Am I?

Player One writes the name of a celebrity on a post-it note and Player Two sticks it on their forehead without looking at the name. Player Two asks questions about the person they might be, to which Player One is only allowed to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ until they guess right or their five guesses run out. Rounds are unlimited.

Icebreakers for Groups

Diversity Bingo

Each player is assigned a bingo card on which each square contains a characteristic that some members of the group might have. All players mingle with other players to try to find one person who fits the characteristic on each square and write their name down. A different name must be written on each square. Whoever fills their bingo card first and shouts ‘bingo!’ wins.


Participant One thinks of a sentence or phrase to begin a story. Each participant has to repeat the parts of the story that have already been told before adding their own sentence or phrase. The story ends after a minimum of two rounds. This activity works best with multiple groups who can afterwards present their story to the whole group and the best story can be voted on to find a winner.

Lost on a Desert Island

Each player says an item that they would bring onto a desert island and why. Once all players have said an item, the group must plan out how they would survive on the desert island using those items. This activity works best with multiple groups who can afterwards present their survival strategy to the whole group and the best strategy can be voted on to find a winner.

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