For Students – Finding Trusted Resources

Looking for more resources on top of what you are given at school is always useful for academic success and general interest. But you might be wondering how to know whether a resource or source is useful and whether it is trustworthy. Essentially, is the information given there checked and correct? Textbooks Textbooks are aContinue reading “For Students – Finding Trusted Resources”

Find Your Next Favourite Read

Choosing what to read next after finishing a good book is certainly a challenge. You might be looking for something similar or something completely different, but either way you might be at a loss as to where to look for your next read. We’ve created an easy-to follow flowchart to help you to find yourContinue reading “Find Your Next Favourite Read”

Key Stage 3 – Reading List

Finding something new to read that will support your development in school can be a bit of a challenge, so we at Bristol Achieve have put together a list of some of the best books to get you started. All of these books have been chosen for this list because they have done something newContinue reading “Key Stage 3 – Reading List”

For Students: Mentoring Resources

Going into peer mentoring doesn’t need to feel scary or difficult. Mentoring is a great opportunity to improve your confidence in school and college, and a way to look towards the future and getting a job. These resources are to help you outside of your mentoring. There is a wide variety of resources out there,Continue reading “For Students: Mentoring Resources”

For Staff: Academic Resources

There is a lot of work that goes into peer mentoring, and we are committed to supporting staff working with students on the programme. You might be looking for resources to help you decide how best to introduce mentoring into your school and how best to support students as they embark on a mentoring journey.Continue reading “For Staff: Academic Resources”

For Parents: Academic resources

If your child is being mentored or considering it, then you might wonder how you can help them at home. We’ve put together a list of resources for young people of any school age that you can use to help them and encourage them on their academic journey. For younger children – KS1 Make learningContinue reading “For Parents: Academic resources”

Applying to University: Reading Lists

One of the major aspects of your university applications will be your personal statement. This is a place for you to explain what draws you to your chosen subject and demonstrate your passion for it. For some subjects, there are practical ways that this can be done. It might even be expected for some courses,Continue reading “Applying to University: Reading Lists”