Find Your Next Favourite Read

Choosing what to read next after finishing a good book is certainly a challenge. You might be looking for something similar or something completely different, but either way you might be at a loss as to where to look for your next read. We’ve created an easy-to follow flowchart to help you to find yourContinue reading “Find Your Next Favourite Read”

Key Stage 3 – Reading List

Finding something new to read that will support your development in school can be a bit of a challenge, so we at Bristol Achieve have put together a list of some of the best books to get you started. All of these books have been chosen for this list because they have done something newContinue reading “Key Stage 3 – Reading List”

Applying to University: Reading Lists

One of the major aspects of your university applications will be your personal statement. This is a place for you to explain what draws you to your chosen subject and demonstrate your passion for it. For some subjects, there are practical ways that this can be done. It might even be expected for some courses,Continue reading “Applying to University: Reading Lists”

A Word on Applications

If you are thinking of applying to university and you are a gifted student, you should be considering the Russell Group of UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Many schools who are successful at supporting their students to elite universities will start to promote and discuss these options with more able students as early as Year 9;Continue reading “A Word on Applications”

Impact Study – 2019/20

Executive summary Key Findings: There is a need for high ability disadvantaged students to be mentored in higher order personal and interpersonal skills which may enable students to achieve aspirational outcomes in their future steps. There is a need to boost reading for pleasure as an activity in high ability disadvantaged students at Ks3 andContinue reading “Impact Study – 2019/20”

Making The Most of Mentoring As A Mentee

Being mentored can mean a huge variety of things to different people. This means that it can be daunting, working out how to make the most of your mentoring sessions.  Mentoring is a mentee-led process. That means that, as the person being mentored, it will be up to you to decide what your mentor helpsContinue reading “Making The Most of Mentoring As A Mentee”