GDPR and Data Protection

  1. We at Bristol Achieve are committed to the fair, lawful treatment of the data of all participants, directors and employees.
  2. Through the consistent implementation of our data privacy notice, we will ensure that all are clearly informed on how their data will be captured, stored, used and also deleted/destroyed.
  3. We understand that people have the right to understand what data organisations have about them and how it is being used.
  4. Anyone in Bristol Achieve’s organisation or activity may see their information and get their own copy of it to use however they want. They also have the right to correct the information if it is wrong and ask for it to be deleted or limit how it is used.
  5. If anyone should wish to complain because they don’t like things Bristol Achieve is doing with their data, they should make a complaint to the Head of Systems. The contact details will be on any working agreement or employment contract.
  6. We will ensure lawful processing of data is carried out by only proceeding with any activity if we have gained the full consent of the participant to use their data in the way that we intend.
  7. We will share data that will protect the wellbeing, safety or life of any child with the most appropriate designated safeguarding lead.
  8. If any data of participants is processed, it will be anonymised as per the consent form, and it will only be used in order to analyse and share the impact of activities for a legal purpose of improving outcomes for disadvantaged students in Bristol.
  9. We will minimise our data collection and only gather the minimum required to carry out the activities we intend.
  10. We train all staff who will deliver Bristol Achieve activities in the correct processes for complying with our data regulations and all staff training will be kept up to date by the Head of Systems.
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