Health and Safety

Part 1: Statement of Intent

This is the health and safety policy statement of:

Bristol Achieve

As of 04/05/2021 our health and safety policy is to:

  • Prevent accidents and work related illness
  • Manage health and safety risks in our activities
  • Provide clear instructions and training to ensure employees are safe and competent to do their work
  • Put in place appropriate risk mitigation to ensure that no employee is exposed to preventable risk
  •  Consult with our employees about their health, safety and access requirements to allow all to work effectively.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Ensure all employees are aware of, and have practised, emergency processes in the case of events such as fire or terrorist attack
  • Review and revise this policy regularly

Part 2: Responsibilities for Health and Safety

1. Overall and final responsibility for health and safety:

Kate Holland-Smith, Verity Jones, Katie Thoburn, Hetty Brown

2. Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice:

Hetty Brown

3. To ensure health and safety standards are maintained/improved, the following people have responsibility in the following areas:

Hetty Brown – all

4. All employees should: 

• Co-operate with supervisors and managers on health and safety matters

• Take reasonable care of their own health and safety 

• Report all health and safety concerns to an appropriate person (as detailed above)

Part 3: Arrangements for Health and Safety

Risk Assessment

We will complete risk assessments for the unique requirements and premises of each different school environment, and take action related to the risk assessment planned for each programme.


We will brief all mentors on arrival at their placement school/college on the emergency safety protocol.

We will train all staff who work remotely in the ‘safe working from home’ checklist: computer height, risk of RSI, fatigue due to increased screen time usage.


We will consult routinely with staff on health and safety matters and formally when they are reviewed at our annual AGM.


We will make sure all employees in the school/college where we work are aware of evacuation routes in the initial briefing before mentoring to start.

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